September Ipsy Bag look!

This months Ipsy bag gives you all the products you need to make the perfect and simple old Hollywood style look! The only extras from your own makeup collection that you’d need are your face products! For this look I didn’t use any products on my face, only products for eyes, lips, and eyebrows.So let’s […]

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September Ipsy Bag

It’s that time of month again…my Ipsy bag arrived in the mail! This month I noticed the theme of beauty products were for your eyes and lips. So let’s get started!As you all know, each month your new Ipsy Bag comes with a travel sized makeup case. Perfect for your purse and luggage bags!  Next up, your […]

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Biore Pore Strips

Beauty isn’t all about makeup, it’s also about skincare. There are products and techniques you can use and practice to keep your skin looking young and beautiful!      Pore strips have been around for ages, their main goal? Pull out all of the pores that live on your nose, sounds gross I know. But beauty […]

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Haul! Bath and Body Works.

The beginning of Fall seasons means it’s time for new scents and new products from Bath and Body Works! So of course that means I have to go out and buy some new things for my collection. Also I was running out of hand soap, always a good excuse to go there.  So let’s get […]

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For the Love of Candles!

I have one obsession I’ve had since I was younger, I don’t exactly remember how it all started but I’m still obsessed. What is that obsession you ask? Bath and Body Works Candles. And yes, those particular ones. I enjoyed purchasing other candles, but these are by far the best and totally worth the money! […]

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Makeup Brush Cleaning!

     How often do you deep clean your makeup brushes? Or even spot clean them? Well if you haven’t recently and you’re just reading this now, then I suggest you go clean them now! Bacteria grows quickly, especially if you don’t keep your makeup brushes clean regularly.      Let’s just say you have acne, […]

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