Winter Skincare Routine

Who here is having the driest time this Winter?! Ughh I know I am! It’s awful! I literally cringe when I apply my foundation and just watch as my makeup cakes up and sticks to my dry patches….awful right? YES! My skin type is typically in the normal/oily range, but this Winter weather is definitely […]

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Valentine’s Day Look

     Ladies it’s almost time for those precious date nights! Or those awesome nights in with all your girlfriends because you’re a free spirit, and who really needs a man anyways!?… Glamming up your face for Valentine’s Day is perfectly understandable whether you’re single or not.      So whether you’re staying in, engorging on delicious […]

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Blogging: The Struggle is real

I was reading a blog post the other day, courtesy of the lovely “Emily Clare” and it got me thinking about a lot about how people still don’t quite understand the hard work of blogging and social media careers. I feel like people view “Blogging Careers” like some people view “Stay at Home Moms”, like yeah […]

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New Skincare Products

I love testing out all things skincare, because if you never branch out and try new things, you’ll never know if you love or hate the product! So today I’m going to discuss with you two new skin loves I have added to my skincare routine in the past two weeks. Pacifica: Coconut Milk- Cream […]

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Review: Little Liquid Vice

I was at Ulta a few weeks ago, and they were having a huge sale on tons of their products, especially Urban Decay…and we all know how I feel about Urban Decay! I love it! So of course I had to pick up this adorable liquid lipstick set! I love liquid lipsticks, they last all […]

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How To: Promote Your Blog

     I have been blogging for over 4 years! That’s quite a while…at least in my opinion. Especially with having 3 different full time jobs in that time frame. I’ve had my promotional struggles with my blog in the past, and in the present. There are just some days where I don’t get much attention […]

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