Blogging Struggle: Motivation


I’m too tired. I don’t have the time. I don’t have any ideas. I’ll just take a break from blogging. 

♥ Do these statements look familiar? Do you say them to yourself on a daily basis? I know I do. Blogging can be hard, especially if you have a full time job somewhere else. I have definitely been struggling to keep my blog consistent. And yes, I do beat myself up for it. Because I love blogging, I love talking about beauty every chance I get. But sometimes, I just get tired, and my blog suffers because of it.

♥ It’s okay to take a break, but reflect on why you started blogging! Is it just a fun hobby? Your second income? Only income?…Did you figure it out? Why you started? Well get your butt back to it then! I know you’re tired, but you started blogging for a reason. Remember that reason, remember why you started this journey!

♥ How do I stay motivated?…..Trust me, it can be difficult, but I get to a point where I say to myself “No, today I have to blog, no matter what’s going on, I need to make the time”. And I make myself a GIANT cup of coffee, I sit at the kitchen table, listen to whatever music is on my playlist that day, and just start typing.

♥ Another way I motivate myself to blog…new makeup products! Now I’m not saying go out and buy new skincare and makeup products just to get yourself to start writing. But…it really helps. I love talking about new products that have just come out, or even products that have been out for ages, and I have just discovered them. I love product hauls. You get a blog post out of showing off each product with a small description and wonderful photos. AND! You get to later on showcase each product in their own post, with an in-depth review!  


♥ Planners are my jam…I love buying them….and cute notebooks. AND fun gel pens…I mean who can’t help but write down blog post ideas if you have adorable things to write with! It sounds silly, “Oh you really need that notebook, you have like a thousand at home?!” “Duhhhh, how else am I suppose to motivate myself to plan my blog out!” Yes that is literally me…I have no shame. There are little notebooks everywhere…and planners scattered. They all do the same thing, but they all have their own fun prints to them. SO of course I need all of them!

♥ So put on your Boss Girl pants, slap on that bold red lip, and grab that GIANT cup of coffee, and prove the world wrong! And honestly you don’t have to type up an entire blog post, type up snippets, write it down in your notebook, about what you’re thinking about at that moment.  And you can keep coming back to that drafted post, don’t stress about getting it done in just one day!


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