Winter Skincare Routine

Who here is having the driest time this Winter?! Ughh I know I am! It’s awful! I literally cringe when I apply my foundation and just watch as my makeup cakes up and sticks to my dry patches….awful right? YES! My skin type is typically in the normal/oily range, but this Winter weather is definitely kicking my skins butt. For the first time in a long time I changed my skincare routine! Usually I change or try like 1 thing, but this Winter I’ve decided to change up things quite a bit. So if you’re in the dry skin type range, you might find these products intriguing.


I always start off with removing my makeup first (not pictured above) I used the Neutrogena: Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes in Night Calming. These makeup wipes will most likely never stray from my skincare routine…They work soooo well!

To cleanse I started using CeraVe: Hydrating Facial Cleanser. And I looooveee it! It’s super gentle, and cleanses away all my excess dirt, and makeup.



I think people don’t realize how important toning your skin is! It helps remove any excess oil, dirt, makeup, and restores your skins PH. I have been using the Clinique: Clarifying Lotion 2 for years, and it has never failed me!


During the Winter, you might worry that exfoliating is too harsh for your skin. But it’s not! Even though your skin is dryer, your body still needs those dead skin cells scrubbed away! Just remember, there is such a thing as too much exfoliating. I have been exfoliating only twice a week. And it’s helps smooth out my skin, and return my texture back to normal. I love the L’Oreal: Pure-Sugar Scrub/Exfoliant in Nourish & Soften.


I feel my skin has been a bit dull in these Winter months. So I finally decided to add a little serum to my routine! I have been using, and lovingggg the smell of E.L.F.: Beauty Shield- Vitamin C, Pollution, Prevention Serum.


I saved the most important part of any skincare routine….The moisturizer!! I know so many people that think “Oh my skins oily I don’t need it” Girl yes you do! Even though your skin produces a little excess oil than the rest of us, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be helping replenish your skins moisture! And I need all the moisture I can get for my skin! I started using the Ponds: Dry Skin Cream, and I love it so much OMG. It’s so rich and thick and luscious and amazing…Okay I could go on and on, but I’ll be quiet now.


And that’s it for all the new and old products that I have in my Winter skincare routine! So tell me, what’s your favorite skincare product?


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