What’s in my Purse ’17!

I used to be obsessed with watching and reading blog posts about what fellow beauty stars had in their purses, and of course what kind of purse they were carrying at the time. It’s really just me being nosy, and learning about things that I should add to my purse too!


I’m going to start off with my purse..


Kate Spade: Medium Harmony

I believe this color and version of the Harmony is from the 2016 collection. It has 2 pockets for your keys, and phone. And a zipper compartment for smaller, more hidden items. It was my tax return present to myself, and I have no regrets!

Now for the contents inside→


I love having a notebook in my purse, it’s perfect for grocery lists, ideas for my blog, and literally any other notes (food orders, errands). I got this note book in a pack of 3 from Target.


Sephora: The Escapader Lipstick Jungle


I’ve had this cosmetics bags for a couple years now, and it has held up so well! It’s the perfect size for so many products (lipgloss, lipstick, advil, tums, and compact mirror). You can get your very own here⇒Sephora.com. And it’s on sale!



I bought this guy at target, it’s the first medium sized wallet I have found that doesn’t have a cell phone compartment. In my opinion I hate those types of wallets, mainly because my phone stays in my purse pocket or pants pocket.


I love having a travel sized brush in my hair, I have long, super thick hair. So my hair eventually ends up in a pony-tail, and a travel sized brushed is perfect for that!

Spearmint: Rain


I always have mint gum in my purse, no matter what. I get anxious a lot, and this gum has ways to soothe my stomach and calm my anxiety. I typically buy the giant packs you can get from Costco and Target.

Sunglasses & Case


I always have a hard time finding the perfect sunglasses to fit my face, because let’s face it, who wants to look like a bug?! I don’t… I found this at Target after spending more than 20 minutes trying a bunch of pairs on. I love that they cover well, and aren’t too big for my face! Along with the case, which I bought the same day, I tend to just chuck everything and anything into my purse, which causes lots of scratches on my glasses, and I decided to finally purchase a case.

Bath & BodyWorks: Body Cream in Strawberry Picnic (mini size)


This smells makes me think of the end of Spring and beginning of Summer. It’s super moisturizing and perfect size to throw into my purse!

Kiwi Collapsible Bag


This collapsible bag literally lives in my purse. Ever since the plastic bag band, where you have to pay for bags, I have constantly forgotten to physically bring in my bags. This bag is perfect for throwing in your purse, no matter how small your purse is, just use a little carabiner and attach the bag string to your purse strap!

Puffs Plus Lotion


Yes I totally am one of those people that keeps facial tissue in their purse, why? Because, why not! You never know when you’re gonna sneeze, have to blow your nose, or even have a cry (whether it’s happy or sad tears).

Small Knife


I am a strong believer that women need ways of protecting themselves when out and about. A lot of people prefer mace, but to me, mace takes time to actually use! First you have to unlock the spray tip, and then make sure the nozzle isn’t pointing at you and them instead. A small knife always makes me feel safer, it’s super easy to grab out, and the knife has a knob that makes it faster to open in times of need. Now I’m not saying everyone go out and buy a knife, but there are so many options to protect yourself and keep yourself feeling safe.


That is all my purse has to show you…minus the millions of receipts I found floating around in it. I hope you guys enjoy getting into my purse with me!



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