L’Oreal Lash Paradise Review & Comparison

I have seen and heard a bunch of rave for the L’Oreal: Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara in Blackest Black! So I wanted to do my own review, and I’ve also heard it’s the drugstore version of TooFaced: Better Than Sex Mascara. So today I decided to do a review and a product comparison.



I literally saved myself from opening this guy for 2 weeks! Because I really wanted to save it for a review for you guys.


The L’Oreal: Lash Paradise is said to;

→Add voluptuous volume


→Be waterproof

→Be good for sensitive eyes


I really like the brush that comes with this mascara, it separated the lashes really well, and has a very dark formula, perfect for added intensity.

Next up: TooFaced: Better Than Sex Mascara.


I’ve always wanted to love this mascara as much as others, don’t get me wrong, I’m constantly reaching for it, but sometimes it’s too dramatic for everyday.

The TooFaced: Better Than Sex is said to;

→Makes lashes look fuller and defined

→Curl the lashes

→The hourglass shaped brush is suppose to help increase the performance of the formula


Time to compare!


L’Oreal: Lash Paradise ↑

The L’Oreal mascara isn’t as dark as the TooFaced mascara, but there is barely any clumpy, definitely my favorite thing about it!


TooFaced: Better Than Sex

As you can see above the TooFaced mascara is a lot darker, and a little bit clumpy.



Left side: L’Oreal. Right side: TooFaced.

As you can the see the bristles of both brushes are almost the same, short, thick bristles, and very close together. Although the L’Oreal mascara is a straight brush head, and the TooFaced mascara has that hourglass shape, it’s also a lot wider than the L’Oreal mascara.

Personally I think the L’Oreal mascara is the best drugstore dupe for the TooFaced, but I wouldnt say they are “the same”. If you’re looking for a really good, inexpensive mascara that gives you quality like high-end makeup does, I would definetly try the Lash Paradise Mascara out!


You can purchase the TooFaced: Better Than Sex Mascara here: Sephora.com.

And you can purchase the L’Oreal: Lash Paradise Mascara from any local drugstore, and Target!


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