Too Faced: Just Peachy Mattes Palette

I am so excited that I got my hands on the Too Faced: Peaches and Cream Collection-Just Peachy Mattes! I literally bought it the second Sephora notified me! That’s not crazy…it’s devotion!


Can we just talk about the packaging real quick?! Can it be anymore perfect!? Too Faced never seems to fail with their packaging, the products always fit with the outer look of the product inside!

Let’s get on the inside!


These colors are perfect for Fall, pretty much perfect for any occasion and weather in my opinion! I feel like Too Faced created each row to develop an eye look using those 4 colors! Ingenious, I know! Not only are the colors gorgeous, they smell heavenly, with the combined scent of peaches and fig cream.


Let’s get swatching!


This is the first row. From left to right:

◊Peach Meringue

The perfect highlight! This creamy white is perfect for blending out harsh lines.

Peach Tea

A warm taupey brown, this would be great for a transition color.

Peach Cobbler

A warm reddish brown, great for darkening up the crease.

◊Peach Tart

The perfect matte brown, I always have trouble with matte browns having a red undertone, when I look for a matte brown, that is simply all that I want. This brown is purely brown. Perfect for the outer corner.


The second row, from left to right.

◊Peach Butter

Pale pink, perfect matte for adding some brightness to the inner corner of your eyes.

◊Just Peachy

A light peachy pink, great for all over the lid.

◊Peach Punch

This is by far my favorite shadow in this palette. It’s like a hot pink/peach, perfect for adding that pop of color to your eyes.

◊Just Ripe

A gorgeous matte plum, with brown undertones.


Third and final row. From left to right.

◊Peaches And Cream

Seems only fitting to have a shadow named after the entire collection! A pale peachy matte, I would use this mostly for brightening up the middle of the mid, rather than a highlight.


A warm peach color, perfect for adding depth to your crease.

◊Peach Sangria

My second favorite color in this palette. Why? It has shimmer! It’s very subtle, but the perfect addition to multiple mattes. It’s a dark ruby red, and pink/purple shimmer throughout it.

◊Chocolate Dipped

A rich matte chocolate brown. Perfect for smoking out any eye look.


If you’re looking for the perfect Fall matte shadow palette, this one is definitely for you! You can pick up your very own here>  for only $45.00!




8 thoughts on “Too Faced: Just Peachy Mattes Palette

  1. hanks for this . I am curious whether you actually have a pic of you wearing the peach palette colors. I am fair and brunette with freckles and never know what anything looks like unless its on . Please share a pic of you with this on or maybe a video of how to use it? Do you do that? Anyway thanks for your help. Jen


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