August ’17 Favorites!

I love watching and reading about others favorites for the past month. It’s the perfect way to discover new or old products you’ve never heard of, or hadn’t tried yet!

Wanna see what I’ve been loving the past month? Then keep on scrolling!


Since my main focus on my blog is beauty, I’m gonna start with that category!


  • Boscia: Charcoal Cleansing Sponge


I have literally washed my face every night using this guy! It’s gives a super gentle exfoliation, perfect for everyday use. Make sure to keep it out of a wet/damp area, don’t want to build up any bacteria.. I have a full review of this product here> Boscia: Konjac Cleaning Sponge Review.

You can purchase your own here>


  • YesTo: Mud Face Masks


I rave about these masks all the time! Why? because you get the at a super decent price ($3.29)!! They have a huge variety of masks full of different oils, fruits and veggies! You can learn more about specific masks here>Yes To…Masks!

Discover all the variety’s here>

  • Beauty Blender: Kat Von D Edition


I was very skeptical about paying $20 for a makeup application sponge. But I found this in a set with Kat Von D Beauty’s Lock It Foundation. I have come to love beauty blenders, there’s super soft, blend beautifully and are super easy to clean!

Unfortunately you can no longer buy this one, but trust me there are plenty more to choose from!

  • Benefit: Roller Lash Mascara


If you’re looking for the perfect mascara that isn’t crazy dramatic? This one is perfect! I love it for everyday eye looks, and it looks exceptional on its own. I have never had clumping on my lashes with this mascara, most likely due to the super small rubber wand.

Wanna try it for yourself?


To mix this favorites post up a little, I also wanted to discuss my favorites foods of the past month!


Celestial Herbal Tea: Chamomile Tea


I have been having difficulty sleeping, and the less I sleep the more stressed I get, and the more my anxiety acts up. I always thought chamomile tea was more of a cliche to drink when trying to calm down. But I have be proven wrong! I fall asleep calmer and better now that I’ve been drinking a nice hot cup before bed. You can get chamomile tea from your local grocery store.

Starbucks: Mocha Cream Frappuccino


I used to be obsessed with coffee, home brewed and Starbucks. But my heart raced all the time! And if I didn’t drink coffee one day, I’d get a migraine the next. It might sound silly, but it was a tough decision to cut coffee out of my life, because it’s soooo delicious!! So I found ways to satisfy myself without the caffeine, cream frappucino’s; and to be honest they have become my life. There’s only one frapp that has really got my money, a mocha cream frappucino. It tastes like a frozen hot chocolate, and who doesn’t love hot chocolate?!

  • Nothing Bundt Cakes


My sister discovered this company a few years ago, and let me tell you….so addicting! I found every occasion to buy one. Bundt cakes seem boring to some people, but Nothing Bundt Cakes is on a whole nother level. They sell Buntinis (like mini cupcakes shaped like bundts), Bundlets (miniature bundt cakes), these are perfect for just yourself. And their regular bundts; sized: 8″ and 10″. You can customize the larger bundts for all occasions; Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and so many more!

Check them out here>



4 thoughts on “August ’17 Favorites!

  1. I love drinking team. I always have some kind of herbal, fruity concoction going on. Last night it was a peach team which I turned into ice tea. πŸ™‚ That’s cake looks delicious!


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