DIY Flat Lay

I’ve been seeing gorgeous backgrounds all over on Instagram and Blogs, and you’re probably wondering how do they do that?! Well with lots of research and fellow bloggers help, I learned how to create one that’s so simple!

What you need..

  • Scissors
  • Foam board (size depends on your preference)
  • Scraper (or credit card)
  • Contact paper (adhesive film)

So where can you buy foam board? Target, or literally any craft store near you! And contact paper? Craft store, or!

foam board

I bought the 3 pack, just in case things went wrong… FYI they didn’t! Only $9.99 at Target.

Next you need to beautify your foam board! Make sure the pattern and color goes with theme of your Instagram/Blog theme. You want your color/pattern not be the main focus in your photos, so don’t pick something too wild! I found my contact paper from for only $9.80, and trust me it goes a long way!

granite adhesive film

I went with the most common background, why? Because granite counter tops are gorgeous, and I wanted that same affect for my photos!

You can purchase the same contact paper here.. Granite Contact Paper

As your rolling out your contact paper, make sure to cut it to size by measuring your foam board first, you don’t want to waste what you can save. As your peeling off the backing, you want to get out your scraper, or credit card and very slowly smooth it out, pull off the backing of the paper as you go, it’s a lot more difficult to pull off the backing all at once and have difficulty in controlling the adhesive part trying to stick all over the place!

Once you’ve applied the contact paper thoroughly over the foam board, cut any excess that might be hanging off the sides. Or you can do what I did, just fold over the sides onto the back of the board!




It’s as simple as that! And isn’t it gorgeous?!


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